As i wrote in my previous post, SEO doesn't always have to do with the sophisticated techniques and not always require big costs.  For beginners, ways like that will only create confusion and sometimes become frustrated especially because they don't understand about Search Engine Optimization and how it works.  There are still simple and inexpensive ways, mostly are free, that we can use.  And in the internet there are a lot of good and kind people are willing to give their knowledge freely.  With that simple ways i can put my blog in the first page of Google for many keywords, and some are occupy to make first position in Google. are some of what i did:
After i finished to make a blog (including the original contents, let say... at least make the first 10 articles), i submit my blog to 3 major search engines to get indexed and get traffic.  I submited my blog to Google's site submission, Yahoo's site submission and Microsoft Bing's site submission. The goal is... my blog have to be listed in search engine directory so that search engine like Google knows that my blog is exist.  I got this information from

After that... i try to ping my blog once a day (if...i'm not forgotten and if i have some time).  I use and

To bring the early traffic... i use traffic exchange.  I use the free one... I use  And the result is not bad... i can bring traffic and i can make dollar here in the same time.

In order for people to know that my blog is exist (it's not enough if the search engines are the only one known that my blog is exist), i have to tell people as well,  so i promoted my blog at the sites for free advertising, which can directly submit into a lot of sites.  I promote my blog at,,, and  I do this at least once in a week...the more often is better...because it also means that we increase our backlinks.

To further facilitate the promotion...i use a software which is sending mass text ads from suryapromo.  With a one time direct to submit to a lot of  web classifieds.  Cool... just click...and my promotion is submited...That is true that i have to pay for this service, but it is cheap but it works well and it's save my time and my energy. 

To add backlinks, i tried to perform blogwalking.  Blogwalking means, that we visit some other blog and give a comment to an article in that blog.  In each comment it's usually have a facillity to link back to our blog, just fill it with your blog address, and hope that someone who curious, will click the link to our blog.  In this case, i have one advice, use a unique name that can bring other people's curiosity to click on our linkevery time you post a comment, do not use a reguler name or even a common name.

Next, i search for blog directory to list my blog.  I was also looking for a free one.  The more we register to our blog to blog directory than it will be better.  This will make it easier to for search engines to find our blog.  You can see the blog directories that i use in the My Sponsor in the sidebar and in My Sponsor at the bottom of this blog.

I also submited my blog on social bookmarking and social networking.  But i more often submit my blog on Facebook, and every time i write a new article i try to submit it to Facebook.

To promote my article, i also submit some of my articles that i think more interesting (it doesn't mean that my other articles are not interesting... it's also interesting...) to and

Finally... i try to produce more article on my blog, let say 1 or 2 articles per week.  And every time i wrote a new article i always do over and over the steps above.  In making article there is something that need our attention.  I will try to write an article about it in the next posting.

Well... that's the simple steps that i have done all this time.  Simple... but the result is quiet satisfactory to me.  The key is: whatever steps we take... do it consistenly, because the most sophisticated step will not be successful if we do not do it seriously and consistenly.

For addition, try these keywords:  pcmav ekspres for sality free, remover virus sality pcmav 2010, sality/p.varian, cara menjalankan bisnis jaringan, cara menjalankan bisnis DBS,  cara menambah hak usaha DBS, cara mendaftarkan web bayar, cara prospek di DBS, hapus virus/sality.p variant, kalau virus tidak bisa direpair avast ?, aktivasidbs, and many more keywords that occupied the first page of Google by the time this article wrote.

Hopefully there are benefits for you.

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