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This advice is given for all beginner in blog world who wants to promote their blog/sites.  But before that i have to tell you that i'm not a Search Engine Optimization master.  I just doing a few little things thati   feel can increase the result of my blog's search in search engine basic from a few keywords.  So...for SEO Masters...forgive me if i wrote something that unussuall.

I have red and asked so many question about how can i increase the searching of search engine to my blog.  I have some conclusions:
  • Basicly, what is conveyed by the activists of SEO are all the same, they just have different style.
  • In internet, there are so many e-books about SEO that are for sale (some with so expensive price) which is promising can make our blog/sites in top 10 of Google's position.  Actually, the information about SEO could have easily searchable and without the cost.  Besides, SEO (for beginner) can be done with a simple and easy step, did not need to use advance SEO tips.  Just take a simple step but do it consintent.  Tha what i have done all this time... and the result... not bad... in a matter of weeks this blog can rank in top 10 position of Google for some keyword that i want... some even ranked first. 
  • The more we are eager to find the SEO tips that even the more sophisticated is only make us dizzy. Why not... because we are still new in the SEO field... and still don't understand what and how SEO works... That's what i experienced before... i was so eager to occupy a minimum of 10 ranking on Google.   I tried to find all the ways... every possible ways... i learned and i practiced ranging from simple to top-class SEO tips, but i have never do it consintent.  As a result... i got headaches because the desires to set my blog on top 10 of google (and any other search engine) as quickly as i can... and as soon as possible is not accomplished... my blog is still difficult to penetrate the top 10 of Google (or any other search engine).  Because for the seeker money trough a blog... or who wish to make their blog as a money machine... whether it be adsense... affiliate... reseller... or even sell their own products... has a top ranking position on Google (or any other search engine) will allow money to come more quickly.
Base of the things that i've ever experienced i want to share a few tips with fellow new beginner who just have a blog and want to promote their blogs:
  1. First thing that you have to do is ... control your desire... It is normal that we have a desire to make our blog at the top of search engine quickly... especially with the lure that we can make money in the internet.  But as anxious will only make you dizzy... stress... and finally... can be so frustrating.   So... take an easy... and slow down cowboy....
  2. Be carrefull ... if there are offers that can make your blog at the top position of search engine in quick time... let alone sold with exorbitant prices.  Search Engine Optimization can be done with no cost... and outside... there are still so many good people are willing to share their knowledge to us without asking rewards.
  3. There are so many ways of Search Engine Optimization... and my advice... do not have a passioen to doit all in the same time.. just do it one by one... step by step... Decide which metode that you will be taken... learn how... and do it with consistent.  If done consistenly will gradually appear outcome.  Instead doing a lot of waysbut not consistent... better you do it one by one but consistent... yes... it is exhausting... but hey.... you wont know if you're not try it first.  So... the key is.... CONSISTENT
That's a little advice from me based on my experienced since i starting make this blog.  In the next article i will try to share my experienced about Search Engine Optimization tips that i have ever done.

Kalau mau punya uang buat beli mobil boleh ikutan bisnis ini.   Ini bukan bisnis main-main.... 

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