As i conveyed in my previous post, in this post i will try to explain how to write an article on a blog from my perspective.  I do not want to say that the way i wrote my articles was good (hei... i'm still learning, too...).  I did have often writen, but not to write on a blog.  Surely there is a difference between writing reguler articles and writing articles for a blog materials.  So... for the author of  blogs...if there are something different or strange from my way... please understand.
If in wrting a reguler article, for magazine for example, we just have to watched the vocabulary, procedure of writing and spelling, and then just let the ideas flow.
Writing an article on a blog has its own differences.  In addition to attention to vocabulary, writing and spelling procedures, we also must consider the keywords that we want to capture from writing an article.  Articles that we make we have to try it become search engine friendly, this is certainly related to Search Engine Optimzation (SEO).  This is not a requirement... for people who want just to write without having to think about whether writing search engine friendly or not, it's certainly not a problem.  Like me... i do not really care if my articles search engine friendly or not... for me... the important thing is... i just want to write... that's all.  From SEO perspective offcourse it's not profitable way.  But ...hey.... with that way... my way... some of my articles has been in the top 10 position of Google from some keywords.

Well... based of the result of my exploration on some blogs... an my observation on several other blogs...i see there are several opinion about writing an article for a blog.

Firts, some argue, to have an article with search engine friendly, some words which are keywords, must to be written in different ways, for example... with bold, italic or different font color.  It's not hard, and it still fair to use.  If we write a reguler article, for emphasis, we sometimes use bold or italic letters.  But using different font color?  Wait a second...   i think the problem just arise.  If i read an article with so many color variations of different characters, especially if from the beginning to the end of the article there are a lot of words from the targeted keywords written in a different color, made me dizzy, sore eyes and ultimately lazy to read it.  May be he/she meant with that way the targeted keyword can be found easily by search engine.  But the question is... Is it true that color differences can affect the process of search engine searching?  What is clear... i think with so many color variations just make the article look bad... chaotic impresion.  Better to use a standard color.

Second, a few blogs that i visited are too push to use the targeted keyword and ignore the content of the article itself.  So in that article we can found the same words are repeated which are distinguished by writing letters bold, italic and different colors.  As a result the content of the article itself is not clear and talking about what.  This can be seen from the way of writing... words or even sentences to be inappropriate and disconnected.  Sure... a blog like this can occupy the first page of Google... but is it good to sacrifice the comfortable of the visitor who read the article?  what it means to write an article like that?  Search engine friendly buat not readers friendly.

Third... i think this is the most severe... some blog owners seems reluctant to write his own article and choose to looking articles from another blog with different language, and then translate it and copied the translation  into his/her blog, without editing, without changing anything and without any adjusment.  And the result... the content of the article become weird.  Actually...it does not matter if we are looking for the ideas from another blogs... but the article shuld be processed again, re-writen from our perspective, re-adjust the spelling, and then publish it.  Do not just copy the translation.  Beside ... if you feel lazy to write an article... just don't have a blog... or you don't have to write.   like me.   just relax ... if i feel i don't want to write an article then don't. It's so simple.
So, in my opinion, there are 3 choices in writing articles for  your blog.
  1. Creating a search engine friendly article, or
  2. Making the reader friendly article, or
  3. Make a combination, so your article become search engine friendly and still comfortable to read, so the visitor will return again.
And do not forget, pay attention to your mood when you write an artilcle.  If you have a bad mood you don't have to forced your self to write an article, the result will not optimal and not even readable.  Because writing an article should be out from your heart

That's it...if this article is useful please ponder... if not... it's ok for me... With this way many of my articles can occupy the first page of Google and some even are the #1 position of Google.  

Eh... mau ikutan bisnis, gak?  Ini bisnis serius!  Coba aja lihat DISINI.

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