Before we go any further, for you who read this article directly without reading the first article, certainly will not understand. So I suggest you to read the 12 INCOME SOURCES FROM 1 AFFILIATE WEBSITE (Part 1).
In the step-one I have explained the steps to create a Search Engine on APS Affiliate program that could give the commission a minimum of $ 1 per person you recruit. To increase the income you can move on to Step-2.

Proceed to Step-2: Brand Your Search Engine

If you complete the second step (at least you chose HostGator), then you can have a "Search Engines" on your own, with the domain and hosting of your own property.

Phase 2 is basically choose a hosting. The point is so that later you will have an internet business hosting of your own, professionally. So it will not give a free impression. Another advantage, you can have a potential income / extra commission from the hosting company, amounting to $ 50 - $ 125 per referral.

Also, remember:
  • Your APS Search Engine can make money from ClickBank, HD Publishing and Google Adsense.
  • Search Engine will be sought and used by people, especially Americans, because people can search the full data, including addresses and phone numbers with them, in more than 50 American states.
  • You will receive an additional commission of $ 10 from each of your referrals who was interested in fulfilling step 2 and active for 45 days.
To get into the step-2, you click the link to "Brand Your Search Engine" at the top of your member area.

If you already have hosting at HostGator, you simply input all your cpanelhostgator domain name, username and password. Then automatically, the domain that you registered will turned into a People Search Engines.

If you want your own domain for your "search engine", then you can first order a domain, for example in www.idwebhost.com, then point the server name to your HostGator servers name. Do not forget to click the HostGator cpanel ADDON DOMAINS as a step to add new domain in your HostGator hosting.

If you do not already have hosting at HostGator, you can click the link to SIGN UP in your member area. Use the coupon: CACTUS so that you only have to pay about USD $ 10 from your Paypal for the first month. For the next month you really need to costs  $ 9.95 per month for hosting rental. After you complete the order, you can simply input the username, password and your domain name on the form provided. Later APS program will automatically go straight to your hosting server.

Well, at Step-3 you can take advantage of one month free advertising: $ 125 bonus from Tissa.

Or if you just want to SIGN UP NOW....YOU  CAN CLICK HERE.

Source: http://internetbisnis.net

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