Before we go any further, for you who directly read this article without reading the First and second article, of course you will not be understood. So I suggest you to read the 12 INCOME SOURCES FROM 1 AFFILIATE WEBSITE  (Part 1) and 12 INCOME SOURCES FROM 1 AFFILIATE WEBSITE (Part 2)
In the step-one I have explained the steps to create a Search Engine on APS Affiliate program that could give the commission a minimum of $ 1 per person you recruit. To increase the income you can move on to Step-2.

Furthermore, on the step-three you can take advantage of a free ad: $ 125 bonus from Tissa

After the step-two is finish, you are given the opportunity to enjoy one month free promotion services directly by Tissa.  It means that your APS web will be promoted via PPC advertising (pay perclick) either in Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN with cost by Tissa himself. In the period of one month, you can decide to continue using the services marketing from Tissa or not. The next time you do not want to continue, then the day-29 for example, you can undo this step-3, by unsubscribe from your Paypal account.

The benefit if you take a free chance at this step-3 method is, you are given a bonus $ 125 by Tissa. Just in two days, your account has been charged at least $ 125 from Tissa.

The way of doing this Step-3, is to click the link STEP-3. Then you'll be directed to your paypal account. Login using your paypal username and password.

After the third step completed, you can start the struggle to reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars, other than those already provided by Tissa $ 125 as a bonus. At least you can reach $ 5 per referral from member who sign up for free, even up to $ 30 if your members completed all the steps. Now, all you have to do only is promote and make campaigns until your account has a balance of over $ 200. That's when you can cash the commission into your paypal account.

Oh yes, to enter your paypal  e-mail, you simply enter the Account Settings link in the member area, and select Account Profile. In the e-mail column, you can input the address of your paypal e-mail. Do not forget to click the confirmation link that comes into your paypal e-mail.
OK ... Good luck.

Additional note:
If you do not have a credit card / paypal account, you should open your Paypal account now. If you do not already know and do not have a Paypal account, You Can Make It Here! It’s Free, too!

Source: http://internetbisnis.net

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