A few days ago I got a letter (in written. .. not e-mail) from Google through the Google office in Southeast Asia sent by post directly to my address. At first I was surprised ... why there is a written letter from Google that was sent to me ... because usually Google is always provided news by e-mail ...??? But once I open the letter ... it just makes me happy.

Through that letter Google tell me that I get the opportunity to advertise on Google Adwords for free via coupon worth IDR 400,000.00. So with this coupon I could put an ad on Google Adwords and it networks worth IDR 400,000.00 for free. Well ... it's not so bad .... with IDR 400,000.00 could bring in visitors as much as 400 people according to the contents of the letter. Immediately, I thought to advertise my online business in Google Adwords. But the opportunity for free advertising worth IDR 400,000.00 if only when I make Adwords account before the date of May 14, 2010. If  i make Adwords account exceeds on May 14, 2010 its value decreased to IDR 250,000.00, yes ... It's still quite large. And the coupon is valid until the date of May 28, 2010. This is the letter:

(Sorry. .. for some reasons i can not show you all the content in that letter such as my address and my coupon code).

I do not understand why I get coupons for free advertising from Google ... I did not do something that might be very profitable for Google ... (Unless I use Blogspot to make a blog ... but others are also many who use Blogspot .. is anyone had similar experiences with me?)

Considering i can only get a free ad coupon worth IDR 400,000.00 if only when I make Adwords account before the date of May 14, 2010, I immediately create an account on Google Adwords. Previously I had never made an Adwords account before, because I think that advertising on Google Adwords is quite expensive and quite difficult to do. But fortunately the letter also included a brochure about how to make Adwords account, so it help me make Adwords account.

To create that account I have to pay an activation fee of IDR 50,000.00 ... but it is not comparable with the value of free advertising vouchers worth IDR 400,000.00.

Well ... for my fellow bloggers who have something to do with Google in one way that I do not know and I do not understand ... I just want to give advice ... if you creating an account at one of Google services ... just give accurate data ... because who knows Google will give a great pleasure for your luck.

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